“Pro-Host” Mobile by Traffgen at NIGA 2017

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What our customers say

  • I’d call the results staggeringly good.  I knew this would be a huge deal but it’s exceeded even my lofty expectations!

    Ryan FrohbergDirector of Marketing, Casino Del Sol

Increase Revenue with PRO-Host Mobile

TraffGen (TG) recently released the latest in Mobile Host technology.  The results are in, and they’re exceedingly positive.  The product will enhance a player’s experience and the results are measured with key metrics for player values.  The KPI’s provided by PRO-Host support our core mission of uncovering untapped player potential.  The ability to identify an unhosted player and convert that player to a hosted, VIP player has changed the competitive landscape for our users.

Deploying PRO-Host empowers your host team to take action and grow their business- and ultimately profit for the property.  PRO-Host delivers this end by providing actionable data in the palm of the hosts hand. TraffGen’s Pro-Host product leverages TraffGen’s Hub technology, enabling you to expand your marketing focus using data consolidation to improve business decision-making.

The Pro-Host tools are simple and intuitive.  Hosts can learn the software in a matter of minutes.  The software allows your hosts to spend more time on the floor interacting with the players and making informed player development decisions.  The results are directly traceable to your bottom line.


  • Maximize revenue
  • Measure player development success
  • Manage customer comps
  • Identify valuable uncoded players
  • Uncover true player value
  • Personalize player services
  • Optimize communications


  • Real-time view of player locations, coded and uncoded, with player value KPIs and filters
  • Push notifications to alert about important events and hot players to focus attention where it matters
  • Player Development reporting to measure host and team success
  • Player Comping at the touch of a button , fully managed and configurable

CASE STUDY: Pro-Host delivers immediate impact at Casino Del Sol


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